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As I Rise

Written August 2015

Coming out from the darkness
The sunlight burns my eyes
Blinded by the brilliance of purity.

A layer of skin being peeled away
to expose the newly transformed flesh.

This is the dream that unfolds before me, a vision of who I am becoming.

And I am scared…

As the caterpillar becomes the butterfly we think not of its pain.
The ultimate submission and acceptance that to be born again
what we are must die.

To grow wings bones must break.
The shedding of skin.
Fused. Infused. Reform. Solidify.

The power in the pressure.
The beauty in the breaking.

So my soul to break free is tearing at my skin,
clawing out the truth of who I am.

I fear her strength.

She who can withstand unshaken the breaking of her own heart.

Her ability to love intimidates me.
Her light. And my god, will she shine.

I cling to my old skin and the false comfort that it brings but she is too strong
and I break.

What beautiful agony is this?

In this sweet release I back away fearful,
to lose all I am and have ever been as she takes over.

She is coming, I feel her.

As the phoenix I know first I must burn

The fire doesn’t scare me.
The awakening does.

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